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Thematic Websites

Dualist Websites

John Beloff at Edinburgh: moebius.psy.ed.ac.uk/~dualism (who)

Titus Rivas at:  http://www.txtxs.nl/artikel.asp?artid=445 (interview)

Richard Swinburne at Oxford: users.ox.ac.uk/~orie0087, see his dualism (cc)

Charles Tart at: www.paradigm-sys.com/cttart

Dualism at www.religiousconsultants.com/god/dualism.htm (cc)

Melvin Morse at spiritualscientific.com/

Occasionalism at www.consciousnessmatters.com

Victor Reppert blog at dangerousidea.blogspot.com

Marco Biagini at:  Center of Scientific Divulgation about Consciousness (interview)

John Smythies et al. at: StructureVisualSpaceGroup (papers)

Robert G. Mays and Suzanne B. Mays at Selfconsciousmind.com

J.P. Moreland at jpmoreland.com

Mario Beauregard at drmariobeauregard.com

Monist Websites

Physicalist Websites

Consciousness in the Natural World at Stirling: http://www.philosophy.stir.ac.uk/old/cnw/webpage1.htm

Non-Cartesian Cognitive Science at www.magneticfields.org/sky/aarc/noncartesian.html

Idealist Websites

Interdisciplinary Psychiatry and Idealist Philosophy at CIRIP, International Center for Interdisciplinary Psychiatric Research

The Rise and Fall of Reality, by Dan J. Bruiger

Nondualist Websites

Nonduality at www.nonduality.com

John Hague: Ineffable, Nondual Wholeness: The Union of All Opposites, once at paragonian.org

Shawn Mikula at brainmeta.com

Sean Robsville: Buddhist Spirituality versus Materialism - Essays on Modern Buddhism, Philosophy and Science

'Guide to Ultimate Reality' archived from www.rishi.dk/guide/

Santa Barbara Institute: www.sbinstitute.com. Alan Wallace articles, from Buddhism.

Stephen Harrison, Transcendental Physics: A New Weltanschauung Grounded upon Neutral Monism

Web Resources

Online papers in Philosophy (previous site)

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

Six debates at www.thebrainandthemind.co.uk on free will, evolution, empathy, autism, gender, and memory.

The Consciousness Chronicles at conscious-pictures.com

Dmoz Open Directory: Consciousness Studies

Articles at www.apollos.ws/dualism and books at www.apollos.ws/dualism2

David Chalmers: Home

Tim Crane on Intentionality and Mental Substances

The Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia (Parapsychology & Psychical Research)

Factbites on Dualism

Conscious Entities

Christopher D. Green, Classics in the History of Psychology

KLI Theory Lab, Philosophy of Mind

Piero Scaruffi, Annotated Bibliography of Mind-related Topics

Lisa Storrs, Dualism; Chris Carr, Thoughts on the Dualism of Mind and Body (cc)

The Moscow Center for Consciousness Studies

About Descartes:
Il Centro Interdipartimentale di Studi su Descartes e il Seicento;
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Ultimate Reality Bibliography

Bial Foundation's Sixth Symposium Behind And Beyond The Brain,  Casa do Médico - Porto 29th March to 1st April 2006


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