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Dualism Review (new journal)

Journal of Consciousness Studies (published)

For a recent comment on JCS's attitude to dualism, see a recent graphical presentation by one author.

Journal of Mind and Behavior

Mind and Matter (new journal)

Journal of Nonlocality (new journal)

Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology (new journal)

Progress in Complexity, Information, and Design (especially Issue 2.3, Oct 03)

Science And Consciousness Review

Theta, the Journal of the Psychical Research Foundation (their published papers)

Zygon (also at Wiley Interscience)

Special Issues

Zygon: Quantum Physics and Understanding God - Volume 35 Issue 3 (September 2000)

Zygon: Symposium On Miracles Volume 37 Issue 3 (September 2002)

Erkenntnis: Prospects for Dualism - Interdisciplinary Perspectives Volume 65, Number 1 (July, 2006)

Zygon: Quantum Reality and the Consciousness of the Universe Volume 41 Issue 3 (September 2006)

Journal of Cosmology: Consciousness and the Universe Volume 14 (April-May 2011)

I. Cosmology of Consciousness

II. Brain and Mind

III. What is Consciousness

IV. Consciousness and Thought

V. The Neuroanatomy of the Unconscious

  • Freud & Jung 
  • The Limbic System & the Unconscious 

VI. Remote Consciousness

VII. Self-Consciousness - Dissociated, Shared, Near Death Consciousness

VIII. Dreams, Hallucinations & Altered States of Consciousness

IX. Origins & Evolution of Consciousness

X. Paleolithic Consciousness: Neanderthals, Cro-Magnon, Spirituality, Sexuality

XI. Animal and Artificial Consciousness

XII. Quantum Physics and Consciousness

XIII. Consciousness and ExtraTerrestrials

XIV. Consciousness and the Universe

Journal of Nonlocality: Physics, Parapsychology and Neuroscience: Forging Unholy Tools in the search of the Quantum Enigma (Vol 1, No. 1)

Lian Sidorov, A few words about the Mind-Matter Mapping Project PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff, From Physics to Spirituality and Back: Reminiscences PDF
Brian Millar, Towards a Forensic Parapsychology in the OT Paradigm PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff, Radical Nonlocality PDF
Lian Sidorov, A Split Beam Approach to Remote Mental Interactions: Expectation, Bonding and Temporal Footprints PDF
Matti J Pitkänen, TGD Inspired View About Remote Mental Interactions and Consciousness-Related Anomalies, Part I PDF
Matti J Pitkänen, TGD Inspired View About Remote Mental Interactions and Consciousness-Related Anomalies, Part II PDF
James Lake, Augmented Cognition to Enhance Human Sensory Awareness, Cognitive Functioning and Psychic Functioning: a Research Proposal in Two Phases PDF
James Lake, Expanding the Paradigm in DMILS/HI Research: a Proposal in Four Phases PDF
Matti J Pitkanen, Quantum Mind in TGD Universe PDF
Larissa Emilia Cheran, Exploring the Mechanisms of Interaction between Human Consciousness and Networks of Living Neurons PDF
Jean Burns, The Action of Consciousness and the Uncertainty Principle PDF
Matti J Pitkanen, An Overview of Topological Geometrodynamics PDF
Richard Louis Amoroso, Physical Parameters of Mind-Body Interaction: Breaking the 1st Person 3rd Person Barrier, PDF
Ulrich Mohrhoff, A consciousness-based model of physics PDF
Jean Burns, Matti Pitkanen, Richard Amoroso, Brenda J. Dunne, Ulrich Mohrhoff, Brian Millar, From warehouse to temple: science axioms and the frameworks they build PDF

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