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New Theory of Dualism

Non-Cartesian Dualisms of mind/body ... seeking to understand how minds and bodies are distinct, but intertwined and causally connected at many levels.

Introductory Papers

First see discussion on whether the world is causally closed?

Harold Langsam, Strategy for Dualists, 2001 (cc); although about constructive property dualism.
Elliot Sober, Why Must Homunculi Be So Stupid?, (Mind, 1982, XCI, 420, cc); for a discussion that homunculi are questions of fact (or not), and cannot automatically be discounted.
J.M. Schwartz, H.P. Stapp and M. Beauregard, Quantum theory in neuroscience and psychology: a neurophysical model of mind/brain interaction (cc); see especially sections 1-4 and 6 for a discussion of evidence for the effects of mind in the brain. In section 5, Stapp et al suggest that the mind might choose when decohering measurements occur, but the scope of influence via the 'quantum Zeno effect' is extremely limited, and hardly plausible as a means of supporting a substantial dualist influence (more details).
William Hasker, How Not To Be A Reductivist (cc), explaining why it is necessary to give up the causal closure of the physical domain.
Frank B. Dilley, Taking consciousness seriously: A defense of Cartesian dualism, 2004 (cc): examining & rebutting some of the standard objections to dualism, and clarifying questions about interdependence & structure.
B. Alan Wallace, Buddhism & Science: Confrontation and Collaboration, 2008 (cc): the opposition of Buddhism to a purely monist/materialist view of minds, but also the prospects for collaborations to improve science.
Scientific Evidence for Survival of Consciousness after Death
Peter Meyer, Physicalism: A False View of the World
David McGraw, Mind and Body, Medieval and Modern: Augustine and Thomas Aquinas versus Descartes  & part 2
Alvin Plantinga, What is "Intervention"? (cc)
Paul Thagard, The self as a system of multilevel interacting mechanisms (cc)
Stephen Priest, The Unconditioned Soul (cc)

Generative Dualism

Outline of a new theory described by I.J. Thompson, by means of

Derivative Dispositions and Multiple Generative Levels

Discrete Degrees Within and Between Nature and Mind

Ten Principles,

Dualism in Descartes and Swedenborg,

in the contexts of

Quantum Mechanics:
Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness: A Causal Correspondence Theory, and
Quantum mechanics and consciousness: Thoughts on a causal correspondence theory       

Mind-Body Dualism: Dualism: a Causal Correspondence Theory

Spiritual-Natural Dualism: What is Discrete and Dual?

Physics-Spirituality: Are Quantum Physics and Spirituality related?


Neglected sources of new philosophical ideas:

Emanuel Swedenborg
See The Interaction between the Soul and the Body, 1769 (elsewhere)

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