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Papers by Frank Somerville Roberts

A Possible Line of Progress in Psychical Research, The Paranormal Review 12 (1990) 29-30

An Extension of the 'Psychological Factor' in Tyrrell's Theory of Apparitions, JSPR 56 (1989) 216-20

The Missing Factor in Thinking Super-Computers, JSPR 56 (1990)  300-304

Some implications of the voluntary control of visual perception, JSPR 56 (1989) 309-310

The physical equivalents of paranormal phenomena, JSPR 57 (1991) 359-361

Some apparently non-cerebral aspects of consciousness, JSPR 58 (1991) 31-38

A possible non-physiological basis for perception and a defence of dualism, JSPR 58 (1992) 250-257

Time-perception and precognition: A resolution of the intervention paradox, JSPR 59 (1993) 141-148.

Universal perception: A challenge to materialism, JSPR 59 (1993) 293-298

A Possible New Approach to the Science-Parapsychology Relationship, JSPR 61 (1996-7)  391-7

An open criticism of the materialist attitude, JSPR 63 (1998) 39-42

Reproduced with the kind permission of Peter Roberts


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