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40 Insightful Articles
Near Death Experiences

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Some people who have survived a life-threatening crisis or accident have been known to report an extraordinary occurrence. Near death experiences (NDE) are thought to happen more frequently because of improved survival rates resulting from modern technology and techniques of resuscitation. No matter what your beliefs are, these stories can be overwhelmingly intriguing.

To keep time spent on Google down, we have collected 40 insightful articles about near death experiences. They are told by journalists, scientists, experts, and even men and women who have experienced near death first hand.

Insightful General Articles About Near Death Experiences

Learn more about what a near death experience is, along with the science surrounding it, in the below articles.

near death experience1. How Near Death Experiences Work
One of the most popular science sites on the web, HowStuffWorks takes a crack at near death experiences in this guide. Sections include traits, supernatural theories, science, and lots more. There is also loads of related content on items such as how the brain, dreams, and fear work.

2. The Science of Near Death Experiences
Researchers attempt to use biology to explain near death experiences in this article from CBS News. Researchers at the University of Kentucky argue that near-death experiences may be caused by a blurring of waking and sleeping states brought on by a biological mechanism. They interviewed 55 people who reported near-death experiences after car wrecks, heart attacks, and other nearly fatal events. REM and the fight-or-flight reaction is used to explain it.

3. Hard to Forget or Explain
CNN takes a look at the stories of those who have had a near death experience. They report that a third of those who come close to death have a near death experience. Many experts and those who experience it weigh in on the subject.

4. Near Death Experiences Explained
National Geographic takes a look at the more scientific side of near death experiences. They are hypothesized as tricks of the mind triggered by an overload of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, according to a new study suggests. The team studied 52 heart attack patients who had been admitted to three major hospitals and were eventually resuscitated. Those who reported near-death experiences had higher blood carbon-dioxide levels significantly more than in those who did not. Click to read more.

5. Near Death Experience (NDE)
The Skeptic’s Dictionary is “a collection of strange beliefs, amusing deceptions, and dangerous delusions.” With topics ranging from Abracadabra to zombies, they also take a crack at near death experiences. A definition, explanation, and loads of references are given to explain them.

6. Research to Study Near Death Experience
If the above has you confused on near death experiences, you are not alone. Researchers in New Zealand are hoping to discover never before seen answers to them. Two doctors at Massey University are conducting the study. In fact, there is even a link to contact one of them directly with your story.

7. World’s Largest Ever Study of Near Death Experiences
Not to be outdone, the University of South Hampton has also launched one of the biggest studies concerning near death experiences. As reported on by Science Daily, an international collaboration of scientists and physicians have joined forces to study the human brain, consciousness, and clinical death. During this study, doctors will use sophisticated technology to study the brain and consciousness during cardiac arrest. The site also has related articles.

8. Surviving Death
Michael Shermer of Scientific American saw an episode of “Larry King Live” that upset him. It contained stories of near death experiences which led to this article. A good dose of skepticism and more are delved into further.

Insightful Articles About Near Death Experiences by an Expert

These authors have made the near death experience a focus of their career.

near death experience9. Death, Dying, and Beyond
The Institute of Noetic Sciences studies many paranormal occurrences including near death experiences. In this section, a variety of experts speak on afterlife encounters, modern meduimship research, the psychomanteum, and many others. Simply click on the audio teleseminars key to get more.

10. Pim Van Lommel
He is a cardiologist who has spent loads of time studying near death experiences. In this lengthy article for Toward the Light, he discusses the “continuity of our consciousness.” Sections include death, scientific research, the out of body experience, and much more.

11. Interview with Raymond Moody
Dr. Moody is a professor of psychology at West Georgia College who specializes in near death experiences. He has researched hundreds of stories of people who experience floating over their own body, being drawn to a light, and feeling peace. He tells more in an interview with Healthy.net.

12. Scientific Evidence for Survival
Dr. Ken Ring published a paper in the Journal of Near-Death Studies concerning near-death experiences on people who reported experiencing it. Provided by the site Near-Death.com, they offer an index loaded with scientific studies on the subject. It includes papers on brain death, perception, survival theory, and it includes over 50 entries, so be sure and make time.

13. Near Death Experience
The Chart is a medical blog from CNN in which experts such as Dr. Sanjay Gupta regularly weigh in on medical issues. This particular entry tells the story of Laura Geraghty, a school bus driver in Massachusetts who survived a cardiac arrest that left her without a heartbeat for 57 minutes. More on this and other stories are shared.

14. Betty Eadie
In 1973, Betty died following a routine surgery. After undergoing one of the most reported near death experiences, she returned with her message and a mission to study the human response to death. On her website, she tells her story in more detail and has loads of other resources.

15. The Near Death Experience
Reprinted by Mindspring, this is the second part of an examination of near death experiences from the Christian Research Journal. Originally published in 1992, it remains a popular entry on the web. In the second part of the entry, they look at alternative explanations to those of the New Age movement for those who have had a near death experience.

Insightful Articles About Near Death Experiences by a Man

These individual stories have much more about near death experiences.

out of body experience16. Does Ketamine Produce NDE?
Ketamine is an anesthetic that is often associated with near death experiences. In this article for mindspring, a blogger discusses the works of Dr. Karl Jansen and his related statements. There are also points from Dr. Evgeny Krupitsky on the subject.

17. Suffocating to Life
This anonymous blogger had a near death experience early on in life. How they got into trouble, got out, and a post-life conversation are all included. You can also find many other articles on near death experiences at the International Association for Near Death Studies.

18. Father’s Day With My Dad
In this article, Herbie recalls his encounter with Saint Pompeii, aka Dad. Although his father had died years earlier, Herbie was still able to see him. The day in which it happens is also of interest. You can read tons of other stories at Embraced by the Light.

19. The Trigger of Gravity
Dr. James E. Whinnery is a chemistry professor with West Texas A&M and became involved with research involving fighter pilots being subjected to extreme gravitational forces in a giant centrifuge. This is also the source of many near death experiences and Whinnery would later go onto write a report on it. Click here to see how near death experiences can be triggered by severe gravitational forces.

20. People Have Near Death Experiences While Brain Dead
Dr. Michael Sabom looks at the more unusual cases in near death experiences. He has also published a book on the subject called “Light and Death.” In this article, you can read the story of one of his patients who had a NDE during complicated brain surgery.

21. Cheating Death Can Save Your Life
You don’t have to have a near death experience to change your life. In this article from “USA Today,”they examine how a group of men cheat death to experience life. While performing acrobatic maneuvers or simply flying in a plane, these businessmen discuss how the experience changed them forever.

22. What Does ‘Satan’ Look Like?
Not everyone who has a near death experience recalls it fondly. Rene Jorgensen authored a book entitled “Awakening After Life”to answer this very question. Get a sneak peek at it all on Ndelight.org.

23. My Last Breath
Watch this ABC special that aired on “Good Morning America.” In it, eyewitness Matthew Dovel discusses the existence of heaven and hell. He is also the author of “My Last Breath,”an autobiography of the occasion.

24. Near Death Experience Examiner
If you still haven’t read enough near death experiences, click here. Alan Hippleheuser had a vision at twelve years old and has since become obsessed with it. He now writes as the Examiner for related issues and blogs all about similar items in the news.

Insightful Articles About Near Death Experiences by a Woman

These ladies also have more to say about near death experiences.

25. To Remind Me of a Mother’s Love
Robyn was just a child when she first heard the voice of an angel. After the deaths of two family members, the stories she remembered and the visions she had would lead her back from a path of self-abuse. A dream about her mother was the turning point in her life and she tells more.

26. The Trigger of Seizure
After months of depression and physical pain from systemic lupus, Lisa took too many painkillers. What happened afterwards would be researched into near death experiences and temporal lobe epilepsy. She tells her story in further detail in this article.

27. Dead Like Her
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross died on August 24, 2004, but you can still read all about her Five Stages of Death theory on Slate.com. The sixth stage is also of note.

28. Jesus Spoke to Me
Teresa Robbins shares her near death experience in this article from Suite 101. It also an excerpt from her journal dated in 1981. The experience happened when she was giving birth to a child.

29. Anyone Can See the Light
Dr. Dianne Morrissey shares her near death experience here. It happened when she was 28 and electrocuted. Today, she is a certified hypnotherapist and has taught 25,000 people to see and feel God’s presence during the dream state. She is also author of the book, “You Can See the Light.”

30. Beyond the Veil
Although Diane was born in 1941, she tells everyone she was reborn in 1971. In this article she tells the story of how she was working on the set of the movie “Deliverance”and went rafting with her husband. What happened next would change her life forever.

Insightful Videos About Near Death Experiences

Hear stories about near death experiences from those who experienced it in their own words.

hand31. Life After Life
Raymond Moody is one of the leading experts in near death experiences and has authored a book of the same name. In this documentary film, he chronicles the cases of himself and others who have had a near death experience. The hour long film is available to view on Google Videos.

32. How to Live Before You Die
Billionaire Steve Jobs is best known for his leading role at Apple. In his lifetime, he has spearheaded many new pieces of technology, some of which are being utilized to read this right now. In this talk, he urges all to pursue our dreams and see the opportunities in life’s setbacks, including death itself.

33. East vs. West
In a talk for TED, Devdutt Pattanaik discusses the myths derived from both India and the West. They include beliefs about God, heaven, and of course, death. Modern topics such as business are looked at through the lens of mythology. Also a good choice to learn more about Hinduism.

34. Dr. Sam Parnia
Led by Dr. Sam Parnia, The Human Consciousness Project will conduct the world’s first large-scale multicenter studies at major U.S. and European medical centers on the relationship between mind and brain during clinical death. Dr. Parnia is a fellow at Cornell University and others and begins the press conference with an introduction to his approach to near death experiences. Several parts are available on YouTube.

35. The Science of Out of Body Experiences
Carol Sabick is the European representative of the Monroe Institute and is interviewed on the subject of out of body experiences. Soultravel magazine has five parts on the science hypothesized around out of body experiences.

36. Stroke of Insight
Brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor studied her own stroke as it happened and has become a powerful voice for brain recovery. In this talk for TED, she shares in depth with how the brain works in life and has loads of tips for those interested in near death experiences. She also tells her own story of brain damage.

37. Out of Body Experiences
You don’t have to be near death to have an out of body experience. The podcaster shares techniques with having out of body experiences. You can also find more at his site windofthesoul.com.

38. Guardian Angels
These are often the topics of near death experiences. Watch this news piece on a child who had a near death experience and tells the tale of a guardian angel. It includes an interview with Dr. Melvin Morse who weighs in scientifically.

39. Proof of the Afterlife
This video is number seven in a series of twelve. Those who have near death experiences discuss life after death. Out of body experiences are also discussed.

40. The Day I Died
The BBC presents a documentary film of tales of near death experiences. The study of what happens when someone dies is also shared. Six parts are all featured on YouTube.

No matter what your beliefs are, you are sure to find something of interest and insight on the above 40 insightful articles about near death experiences. You can also find loads of others to read, a new piece of research on the subject, or a place to share your own

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