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The Emerging Physics of Consciousness

Jack A. Tuszynski and Nancy Woolf (eds)

Springer, Amazon
September, 2006

14 Chapters

Front Matter, PDF (202.7 KB) I-XV

The Path Ahead
Jack A. Tuszynski and Nancy Woolf, PDF (251.6 KB)1-26

Consciousness and Quantum Physics: Empirical Research on the Subjective Reduction of the Statevector
Dick Bierman and Stephen Whitmarsh, PDF (1.1 MB) 27-48

Microtubules in the Cerebral Cortex: Role in Memory and Consciousness
Nancy Woolf, PDF (965.1 KB) 49-94

Towards Experimental Tests of Quantum Effects in Cytoskeletal Proteins
Andreas Mershin, Hugo Sanabria, John H. Miller, Dharmakeerthna Nawarathna, Efthimios M. C. Skoulakis, Nikolaos E. Mavromatos, Alexadre A. Kolomenskii, Hans A. Schuessler, Richard F. Luduena and Dimitri V. Nanopoulos, PDF (1.2 MB) 95-170

Physicalism, Chaos and Reductionism
Alwyn Scott, PDF (343.4 KB) 171-191

Consciousness, Neurobiology and Quantum Mechanics: The Case for a Connection
Stuart Hameroff, PDF (1.0 MB) 193-253

Life, Catalysis and Excitable Media: A Dynamic Systems Approach to Metabolism and Cognition
Christopher Davia, PDF (477.0 KB) 255-292

The Dendritic Cytoskeleton as a Computational Device: An Hypothesis
Avner Priel, Jack A. Tuszynski and Horacion F. Cantiello, PDF (924.3 KB) 293-325

Recurrent Quantum Neural Network and its Applications
Laxmidhar Behera, Indrani Kar and Avshalom C. Elitzur, PDF (564.6 KB) 327-350

Microtubules as a Quantum Hopfield Network
Elizabeth Behrman, K. Gaddam, J. Steck and S. Skinner, PDF (422.8 KB) 351-370

Consciousness and Quantum Brain Dynamics
Gordon Globus, PDF (214.3 KB) 371-385

The CEMI Field Theory: Seven Clues to the Nature of Consciousness
Johnjoe McFadden, PDF (239.6 KB) 387-406

Quantum Cosmology and the Hard Problem of the Conscious Brain
Chris King PDF (1.1 MB) 407-456

Consciousness and Logic in a Quantum-Computing Universe
Paola Zizzi, PDF (259.0 KB) 457-481

Back Matter, PDF (45.2 KB) 483-487

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